Friday, April 29, 2011

new products

During this past winter, we have been meditating on a wide range of new product ideas, from marinated tofu, to salad dressings, hummus, cream cheese, cooking spray, soy nuts, soy butter, soy protein powder, edamame, and mayonnaise..... There are so many possibilities!

From these assortment of ideas, the ones that have taken root this Spring include Toasted Soy Nuts and L'oil Cooking Spray. L'oil is a low calorie cooking spray made with organic soybean oil, and we are also making it with organic sunflower oil, of which a percentage comes from Rainbow View Farm in Highgat, VT. Our L'oil Cooking Spray is packaged in a reusable and recyclable hand-pump plastic bottle. Say 'good-bye' to the aerosol cans and propellants of the past, and say 'hello' L'oil Cooking Spray. Look for both of these items at your local grocer. The next item in development is a line of marinated tofu.

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